Settling-In Services

with our service you can start living

We can arrange for everything to provide you with the smoothest possible landing – all within days of your arrival. Contact us so that you can stop moving and start living.

Car Import Arrangements

  • Driver’s license procurement support
  • Vehicle import assistance
  • Vehicle insurance procurement

Domestic Arrangements

  • Assistance with delivery of personal shipments
  • Telephone/internet/TV installation
  • Domestic staff arrangements
  • Babysitting services referral
  • Handyman referrals
  • Driver’s license assistance
  • On-going tenancy management
  • Television and radio registration

Health Arrangements

  • Doctor and medical specialist referral
  • Dentist referral
  • Introduction to health and fitness clubs
  • Veterinary referrals

Integration Support

  • Language classes
  • Spouse career consulting
  • Contact groups/networking
  • Cultural adjustment training
  • Children’s needs
  • Leisure & recreation advice

Stop moving


Start Living!